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Protective Orders in Texas

Protect Yourself and Your Children from Domestic Violence

Take immediate action to protect yourself and your child if you or your child is a victim of family violence. Existence of family violence may be grounds for a protective order, which would legally remove the abusive individual from your home. Do not hesitate to call your local law enforcement agency or a shelter if you are experiencing abusive behavior from another member of your family. The Law Office of Nita Meador can help you get the protection, comfort, and peace of mind that you need.

What is a protective order?

Protective orders can be issued for family violence. A court shall issue a protective order if the court finds that family violence has occurred and is likely to occur in the future. A protective order may be filed in conjunction with or separate from a Petition for Divorce. This means that you can file for a protective order at the same time you file for a divorce, or you can file for a protective order and seek a divorce at a later date.

If a protective order has been filed against you, you should contact an attorney about representing you at the protective order hearing. Having a protective order issued against you for family violence can have far-reaching and serious consequences. Do not hesitate to get the defense that you need if a bitter or angry family member is attempting to keep you away from your family.

Speak with a Family Lawyer in Brownwood Today

Attorney Nita Meador is a compassionate family law attorney who takes the time to understand her clients' position, interests, and unique set of circumstances. Family violence is a serious issue and the Law Office of Nita Meador can help you protect yourself and your family immediately. Attorney Meador practices family law alone and can help you file for a protective order right away. Contact the office to speak with Nita and learn how she and her trained support staff can help you get the protection and peace of mind that you need after experiencing violence in your home.

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