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Child Custody Lawyer in Brownwood

Brownwood Family Law Attorney

If you or your child is a victim of recent family violence, please take action to protect yourself and your child. If there has been family violence, there may be grounds for a Protective Order which would legally remove the abuser from the home. Speak with a Brownwood family lawyer from the Law Office of Nita Meador right away to learn more and protect yourself and / or your child from further abuse.

Understanding Child Custody

Texas does not recognize the concept of "child custody" per se. In the Texas Family Code, custody is called "conservatorship," and "visitation" is called "possession and access." Most parents are appointed "joint managing conservators." If situations exist that involve family violence, drug and alcohol abuse, neglect, incarceration, or other matters that threaten the child's best interests, one parent may be appointed "sole managing conservator" and the other parent a "possessory conservator."

Standard Possession Orders

If parents are not able to agree on a possession and access schedule, the courts usually rely on the Standard Possession Order or "SPO." The SPO is contained in the Texas Family Code and has been developed and fine-tuned over many years by the Texas Legislature. The SPO is divided for parents who live both less and more than 100 miles apart.

Below are some basic provisions of the SPO, as outlined in the Texas Family Code, Chapter 153, Subchapters E and F .

Residing Less Than 100 Miles Apart

If the non-custodial parent lives 100 miles or less from the primary residence of the child, that parent may have limited possession of the child. The courts may specify the standard possession order in these circumstances. All of these decisions will be made only in accordance with the child's (or children's) best interests.

The non-custodial parent usually has possession on:

  • First, third, and fifth weekends
  • Thursday evenings or overnight during the school year
  • 30 days possession during the summer months (with the custodial parent getting one weekend out of the 30 days)
  • Alternating Holidays, such as Spring Break, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

More Than 100 Miles Apart

For parents who live more than 100 miles apart from one another, the courts will strive to develop a plan that is in the child's (or children's) best interests. Creating a plan that can establish routine, normalcy, and regularity has proven to best serve children and families in the midst of separation.

The non-custodial parent usually has possession on:

  • First, third and fifth weekends, although the non-custodial parent may choose one weekend per month of his or her choice, as long as it does not interfere with Mother's Day, Father's Day, or summer and holiday possession
  • 42 days possession during the summer months (with the custodial parent getting two non-consecutive weekends out of the 42 days)
  • Alternating Holidays, including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • All Spring Break Holiday

Many variations of the SPO are possible depending on work schedules, preferences of the parties, and other issues as applicable on a case-by-case basis. Please speak with an attorney on your possible options that can best suit the unique needs of your family.

Best Interest of the Child

In Texas, the courts are always required to make determinations based on the child's best interests. As a parent, you too want what is in your child's best interest. Sometimes, anger against the other parent, a strong desire to maintain a quality relationship with your child, or failure by one parent to make their child support payments can result in disputes that seem insurmountable at first. Having an attorney who can set aside the emotional upheaval and focus everyone's attention on what is really best for your child is essential in helping you work out a parenting plan that works now and in the future. We will assist you in obtaining professional counseling for you and / or your child if the circumstances indicate a need for therapy or other professional services.

Hire a Brownwood Family Lawyer Today

Do not hesitate to retain a family law attorney from the Law Office of Nita Meador if you are looking to gain custody of your child. Nita has over two decades of experience and practices nothing but family law. She also works directly with her clients and remains in constant communication with them at all times. Contact the office today for the support and representation of a skilled legal staff.

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