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Adoption Lawyer in Brownwood

Helping You Add a New Member to Your Family

Before an adoption can proceed, the rights of the biological and / or legal father or mother that is not taking part in the adoption must be terminated, unless that parent is deceased. The termination proceeding may be filed first or filed simultaneously with the petition for adoption, depending on the circumstances. Once the termination is completed, the adoption process can proceed. Please speak to a Brownwood family law attorney regarding the complex issues of termination and adoption.

After the Petition Is Filed

Criminal history - The adoptive parent(s) will be required to have a criminal history report filed with the court before they can adopt a child. If you are looking to adopt, your family law attorney can help you get this accomplished so that you can move forward.

Home study - The parties seeking to adopt the child are required to have a home study done by a person qualified under Texas law to conduct home studies. If the child being adopted has lived for at least six months with the parties seeking to adopt the child, only one home study is required. If the child has not lived with the adoptive parents for six months, both a pre-adoptive and post-adoptive report may be required. The person conducting the home study will visit the adoptive parents' home as many times as needed, interview the adoptive parents and the child (depending on age), and interview witnesses who can testify as to the character, home life, temperament, and other qualities of the persons seeking to adopt the child.

Additional reports - Depending on the circumstances of each case, additional reports may be required from the Bureau of Vital Statistics and, if the child has Native American ancestry, the Indian Tribe with whom the child is related.

After the Adoption Is Approved

Once the Court approves the adoption, a final order of adoption will be signed by the Court. Once this is done, the records of the Court are usually sealed and the adoptive parents receive a new birth certificate for the child. Obtaining the new birth certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics usually takes a minimum of 90 days.

Retain a Family Law Attorney in Brownwood, TX

The Law Office of Nita Meador practices nothing but family law. If you are in need of a family law attorney to assist you in the adoption of a child, Nita is the lawyer to help. She has focused her practice on family law for over 25 years and is highly accessible to clients. Her support staff is also trained to help clients when she is unavailable. Nita Meador can help you with the adoption of a new child into your family.

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